Sight WiFi App Reviews

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Too slow

The whole system is too slow. I am already in the bumper of the rear car while my camera shows I am still good !!!

Love the Idea, HATE the wait TIME

This is a great idea for older cars that don't have a backup camera. UNFORTUNATELY, it takes too many MINUTES for the camera to come online!There is also NO WAY to contact anyone regarding this. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!

Needs bug fix for iOS 8 and for iPhone 6 plus

when you tilt the iphone 6 plus sideways the video feed does not show up on the entire screen.


Seems problem to work with IOS8. Using IOS7 working good, see camera video in 2-3 seconds. But, if exit out the sight wifi APP and restart APP again, while the camera is on, it took 1-2 minute to have image to show up again. So, do not restart App unless camera is powered off, then on again.

Slow to connect

It takes 3 minutes before it connects to a wifi. Useless.

ipad app crash on launch

App crashes on launch from iPad

Sight Wifi

App crashes on ipad after update! Please fix!

Crashes after launch on iPads since update

Even after a delete and reinstall, Don't update if you are using on iPad. iPhone seems to work.

Works great!

For a DIY backup camera, this app works great on my iPhone. I was skeptical that it would work, but it did. That is all that matters.

Ok app

Worked great the first time I used it. Now the stop and red line is half cut off the screen only gree and yellow lines show. Wish there is an option to zoom out so I can get back the full picture an upgrade is much needed

  • send link to app